Weight Loss Cure – How to Successfully Shed Unwanted Pounds

Weight Loss Cure – How to Successfully Shed Unwanted Pounds

How many times have you successfully lost weight and kept it off by using one of the weight loss cure programs?

The fact is most diets do not work. They don’t work because diet programs are geared towards eating less causing you to lose muscle mass and not fat. To successfully lose the fat, you will need to start an exercise routine. One simple and fast way to accomplish this is through fitness walking.

The goal when losing weight is to get rid of the extra fat on the body and fitness walking will help you reach that goal. Understanding how your body burns fat will help you understand why exercise is more important that a diet when you want to lose extra fat.

When you start exercising, your body requires more energy. In order to provide this energy, it will first look to the foods you have recently eaten and then it will look towards your stored fat.

The opposite is true when you lose weight with a diet because your body does not require extra energy so it will look towards your muscles to get the extra calories it needs. This is why fitness walking is the best method to use for belly fat loss and any other fat loss.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist or a fitness guru to benefit from fitness walking because it is the ultimate fat loss for idiots program. Anyone can place one foot in the front of the other. The hard part comes when you are determining how many calories you need to burn when walking.

This does not mean you have to start counting every little calorie. You just need to understand the formula that will help YOU burn the number of calories necessary to burn away YOUR excess fat.

The first factor to consider is weight. This is the leading factor in determining how many calories a person will burn. A person who carries more weight around will lose more weight and burn more calories. This is great news for those who are really overweight, but adjustments can be made for those who are slightly overweight to help increase the calories burned.

One weight loss secret is to strap on some free weights around your ankles to increase the weight your body must support while walking. Also, adding more weights as you lose pounds will help you maintain your weight loss momentum.

Another factor to consider is how fast a person walks. This is the second leading factor in determining how many calories will be burned, the faster a person walks, the more calories he or she will burn.

This is because people who walk faster get their heart rate up higher than people who walk slower. When the heart beats fast it raises the metabolism which ultimately will help burn more calories, not just during workouts but also long afterwards.

An additional factor to consider is the terrain where the walking is done, whether it is uphill, downhill, or on a flat surface. The thing to keep in mind here is the harder the body has to work, the more calories it will burn. Walking uphill takes more energy and thus provides the greatest calorie loss. Whereas walking downhill uses less energy and thus provides a lower calorie loss.

How much sleep you get is one more item to take into account when figuring your calorie burning efficiency. Not many people know about this little weight loss secret. We all need sleep and if our bodies get enough sleep it will operate just fine.

However, if we do not get enough sleep our bodies will not function properly. You will get tired very fast and when this happens you will need to compensate for that tired feeling. Most people will turn to snacking on foods to help them get through their tired part of the day. This adds up to many extra unwanted calories that turn into fat eventually. So if you are trying to lose fat, just make sure you get enough sleep and that will help you a great deal.

Everyone is hoping to find that perfect weight loss cure to help them lose the extra fat that has found its way onto their body. Fitness walking can provide this cure and it is the simplest possible plan to follow. All you need to do in order to burn the maximum amount of calories while walking is to walk very fast, walk uphill if at all possible, put on some extra ankle weights, and get plenty of sleep the night before.

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