Fifth CMPDL Knockout Competition

Fifth CMPDL Knockout Competition

Knockout Round 2 Results

D-Darts1vs.9El Toro
The Allstars11vs.4The Aces
Le Pont6vs.9Dream Machine
Irish Pub9vs.3El Toro 2

Bowl Round 1 Results

Rock Hard14vs.1Hash Flyers
The Hobos5vs.10Britannia Arms
Hash House Pub11.5vs.3.5F.''n C.s

The draw for the Semi-Finals of the Knockout Competition and the Bowl was made at the Irish Pub on 24th August, and is as follows:

Knockout Semi-Finals Draw
The Allstarsvs.The Dream Machine
El Torovs.Irish Pub
Bowl Semi-Finals Draw
Britannia Armsvs. Rock Hard (30/8 - 4/9/01)
Rock Hardvs. Hash House Pub (6 - 11/9/01)
Hash House Pubvs. Britannia Arms (13 - 18/9/01)

The Venues for the Knockout and the Bowl Finals will be drawn from eligible venues (non-semi-finalists) recommended by the Facilities Inspector, and the Venues will be announced shortly.
Matches are to be played on dates agreed between the 2 Captains, any day before 18 September except Wednesdays.
Due to there being only 3 Teams in the Bowl, the Bowl Semi-Finals will consist of 3 Matches, each Team will play each other, one Match per week, and the 2 Teams with the most points will enter the Final. Each Bowl Semi-Final Match must be played in the week indicated.
Match format and Rules are as per League Matches. In case of a draw in the Knockout, an Team Game (901) is played to decide the winner in Sudden Death Extra Time. If there is a draw in a Bowl semi-Final Match there will be no extra Team Game.
Please advise Adam (01-993-0055) of agreed dates for matches in advance.
Captains please leave signed Score Sheet for Adam at Britannia Arms after each Match.

Note: Checkouts scored should not be recorded, as they will not count for the League.
Similarly High Scores and High Finishes will not count towards the League Competition, however the High Scores on the night still get a free drink from the Bar.