Slimey Games: RTS-Project parts 7 and 8

Slimey Games: RTS-Project parts 7 and 8

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In the parts 7 and 8 of Elgar Storm''s RTS-Tutorial different mouse cursors and a system for unit movement have been implemented.The new "features" of this version of the RTS-Game are:

- Context-sensitive animation of the mouse cursor (Selection, Movement, Scrolling)

- Units can be moved (Select unit via left-click and give it a target with another left-click)

I found, that the code from Elgar''s tutorial page did not work for me in the presented version. I needed to add the following methods to the file "WorldObject.cs" to add a value to the variable "player". protected virtual void Start(){

So this is what the game looks like after completing the RTS-Tutorial parts 7 and 8:

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